SATOMI SUZUKI TOKYO Co.,Ltd. has been established in 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. We develop and produce contemporary Japanese lifestyle and design goods in cooperation with Japanese craftsmen.

SHU SHU  Contemporary Japanese Design

Derived from the Japanese term for "collection", SHU SHU stands for Japanese craftmanship in uncompromisingly high quality combined with contemporary design, durability and functionality. Located in the city center of Munich, our concept store presents a carefully selected assortment of special things from the land of the rising sun. (Currently managing an online store instead)

SHU SHU Original Product




MOSHI-MOSHI is a bilingual card game that can be enjoyed by both Japanese and other nationalities and people of all ages while learning repetitive Japanese words (like moshi-moshi) from the everyday life of the HENO-HENO family.

- HENO-HENO Family Everyday Life Edition -

Release date:October 2020

Retail price:¥2,500 (JPY)

Contents:100 cards (50 pairs), play guide


Game idea by:Lars A. Gruhl

Illustration by:Fukasawa-Jin

Playing time:30 min

Number of players:3 to 6

Age:3 years old and up

Shin -Pencil Sharpener-


A pencil sharpener created by a carpenter’s plane– also for sharpening our mind

Just like a calligrapher first grinds an ink stick, we sharpen a pencil to prepare ourselves for a new task. It gives us a moment of calm self-composure, especially invaluable in fast-paced life.

“Shin” can be expressed in different Chinese characters with different meanings – “pencil lead”, “mind”, “clean”, “new”, and “genuine”. The Shin sharpener prepares us to engage in something new – with dedication and a crystal-clear mind. Our outstanding products are created one by one with meticulous care by experienced.

ーLine Upー


Retail price:¥20,000(JPY)

W270 x D33 x H51mm

※The lower part can store a pencil


Retail price:¥15,000(JPY)

W105 x D60 x H48mm

※The lower part stores small articles


Retail price:¥13,500(JPY)


Φ65 x H49mm


Material:Japanese Red Oak, Ebony, High carbon steel


[Cooperating manufacturer]


Manufacturer and distributor of high quality woodworking tools such as planes and chisels from Sanjo City in Niigata Pref. All these products are carefully created by cutlery and woodwork craftspeople.

Carrie - Magnifying Glass & Pocket Mirror-

A must-have for stylish women

Ideal for women who want to keep enjoying superb lifestyles, whatever their age.

Carrie is a smart combination of a magnifying glass for reading and a drop-resistant stainless steel mini vanity mirror – an absolute essential for all stylish ladies to carry around.


Size : Φ90 x H12mm

Retail price:¥4,750 (JPY)

Material: Acrylic, Stainless mirror,

Polyurethane leather, Brass screw


[Cooperating manufacturer]

Ebisu Co., Ltd.   (Tsubame Niigata JAPAN)

The manufacturer of levels and water levels for construction and civil engineering with the highest market share. We produce and sell novel and imaginative products based on our expertise in precision plastic and metalworking techniques.

Japanese Flower & Herb Scissors

Scissors long cherished by florists in Japan

Sakagen, a long established manufacturer of Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) scissors, has always been committed to superlative sharpness created by artisans, with an ergonomic grip for usability and comfort and hard-to-break body structure. Florists around Japan have favored and enjoyed our products for more than thirty years. We now offer our special “SHUSHU model” pieces in minimalist design, treated with grey fluororesin to enhance dirt-proofness. They come in original colored SHUSHU packages.


[Flower Type]

Size : W108 x D170 x H12.5㎜ 

Retail price:¥3,000 (JPY)

[Herb Type]

Size : W108 x D180 x H12.5㎜ 

Retail price:¥3,100 (JPY)


Material:High carbon steel, Elastomer (Handle)


[Cooperating manufacturer]

SAKAGEN CO., LTD.    (Sanjo Niigata JAPAN)

Founded in 1903. A long-established manufacturer of Ikebana shears with particular focus on sharpness and ease of use. Our products have been cherished by the three major Japanese flower arrangement schools as well as professionals working for renowned flower shops in Japan.

Venus Line PVD-coated Cutlery

With its curved lines, this PVD gold cutlery brings mythical figures to mind

With its curved lines, this PVD gold cutlery brings mythical figures to mind

Venus Line is a cutlery collection designed by Shinichi Sumikawa with fascinating curved lines. 

It is dishwasher-safe and metal allergy-preventive thanks to the PVD TiN (titanium nitride) coating, while the matt finish ensures fingerprint resistance.

PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating. Titanium in a plasma gas phase in a vacuum chamber and nitrogen gas are evaporated and deposited onto the surface of a stainless steel cutlery piece. This coating is more than 10 times as hard as the generally used metal plating, making it practically peel off-proof and cutlery pieces are even safer in the dishwasher.


[4 piece cutlery set]

Knife, Spoon, Fork, Tea Spoon  X1


Package Size : L270 × W33 × H51mm 

Retail price:¥15,000 (JPY)

[24 piece cutlery set]

Knife, Spoon, Fork, Tea Spoon  X6


Package Size : L270 × W33 × H51mm 

Retail price:¥85,000 (JPY)


Material:Stainless steel



TSUBAME SHINKO IND Co., Ltd.  (Tsubame Niigata JAPAN)

Founded in 1919 in Tsubame City (Niigata Pref., the largest cutlery production area in Japan), this cutlery manufacturer looks back on almost 100 years of history. We offer beautiful, high-quality products created in collaboration with various highly talented designers.


サトミ スズキ プロフィール


1994年渡独。以後フリーでドイツの国際見本市にてトレード・フェア・スペシャリストとしての経験を積み、2001年ドイツで唯一の日本企業向け国際見本市総合コンサルティング会社(Sa:Su Network GmbH)を設立。その一方、2011年ドイツ・ミュンヘン市の中心地にニッポンの優れたデザインプロダクトを販売するコンセプトストア「SHU SHU CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE DESIGN」をオープン。小売業のみならず、ディストリビューターとしてドイツ国内またヨーロッパで優れた日本のデザインプロダクトをデザインショップや、ミュージアムショップへ卸している。
2014年より毎年、フランクフルトで行われる世界最大級の消費財国際見本市ambiente.Hall11.0にSHUSHUブースを出展している。2013年、モノづくりの製造過程の原点から参画し、Made in Japan プロダクトの欧州輸出促進に貢献すべく(株)SATOMI SUZUKI TOKYOを設立。日本のデザインプロダクトを欧州で販売することを使命とし、ドイツと日本を往復する日々を送っている。

キャッチフレーズはAKINDO in GERMANY



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